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Top 4 Strategies to Grow With Less People Faster

by admin on December 19, 2014

Years ago I realized that hiring people was a bad deal.  Don’t get me wrong, we need employees but often we can’t hire the most senior people we’d like, in all the roles we’d like to have them in.  We simply can’t afford to hire a complete, full time, A Level Team. So, if we ...

1 Must Watch Video About Connecting to the Community You Serve

by admin on December 02, 2014

This video is a must watch… Once again, Westjet blew me away.   Some companies just ‘get it’.  Gregg Saretsky the CEO of Westjet is continuing to lead a company with a fantastic culture. I love their brand.  I love their people.  I love their culture.  And I love how they connect to the communities they ...

This is Why Sharing is Good

by admin on November 22, 2014

I have a friend who writes screenplays in his spare time. He swears he’s always just on the cusp of writing Hollywood’s next blockbuster. But he also admits it’s a long, hard, uphill journey to get there. The problem is he always takes that journey alone. This friend shares a common fear that many people ...

It’s Your Future (Dream Big If You Want To)

by admin on September 25, 2014

  I coach CEOs globally of companies small & large to look into their future, and I like what they see.  No, they don’t go see an old gypsy woman or sift through any tealeaves. I teach them to just chill out in a hammock, closed their eyes and visualize where there company is going ...

It’s My Future (And I’ll Dream Big If I Want To)

by admin on September 25, 2014

  I’ve looked into my future, and I like what I see. No, I didn’t go see an old gypsy woman or sift through any tealeaves. I just chilled out in my hammock, closed my eyes and visualized where I was going to be professionally and personally in three years. In the end, I detail ...

You Can't Train Employees to Be Great People… (Watch the Video)

by admin on September 21, 2014

Hire great people. And they’ll take care of your customers. It’s that simple. When animals ‘innately’ take care of each other, you know that great people will just take care of your employees & customers too. You won’t need to train them or hold them accountable at all. Business is easy – we simply over ...

If The Rate of Change Outside Your Business…

by admin on September 17, 2014

  If the rate of change outside your business, is greater than the rate of change inside your business.  You’re out of business… I strongly believe, that all companies would benefit by running lunch and learn sessions for employees on leveraging technology Apps, Tools, Hacks etc. on a weekly basis.  Bring in a 20 something, ...


by admin on September 16, 2014

  When you really think about it, building a team for your company is a lot like rebuilding a sports team. And the fun part? You get to be the General Manager! And unless your business is like the New York Yankees and you can afford to throw money at your industry’s top performers, you’ll ...

The 6 Point One-On-One Process

by admin on September 02, 2014

The purpose of One-On-One Coaching Meetings (see more on what it is here) is to maintain focus on achieving the goal (something of value) and to provide the necessary levels of direction, development and support with people that report directly to you.  When  implemented, this process will make each or your direct reports more focused ...

A (Vivid) Vision of Your Company

by admin on August 18, 2014

  I’ve worked with a lot of young, ambitious entrepreneurs in my time as a business coach and mentor. They are a diverse group, from tech savvy Silicon Valley insiders to CEOs of major blue chip companies. They’ve wanted a lot of different things, from more press to a better corporate culture. But underneath it all, ...

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