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When Hiring, Never Compromise

by admin on January 31, 2011

I once traveled to Boston with a colleague to hire for a position. After three intense days of back-to-back interviews, we ended up flying home empty-handed. We interviewed sixteen candidates, in multiple interview rounds. We combed through close to 150 resumes. Still, we walked away because we just didn’t find the right person.

There are 300 million people living in the United States and 35 million in Canada.  The right people exist for every role. You just have to keep looking. Trust your gut, too.  When your gut says, ‘no’ don’t let yourself keep trying to make it say ‘yes.’

Patience is a virtue when you’re hiring. Be willing to wait for the right person.

Most “A” players aren’t out there looking either, so you might just have to shake the tree a few more times…

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3 thoughts on “When Hiring, Never Compromise”

  1. Well said. Every employee has a direct correlation to the success/failure of your business. Compromising on a potential hire jeopardizes everything that you worked so hard for. Thanks Cameron!

  2. Finding the right people will only get more difficult as we get more skills and labour shortages. We WILL get to the point where Ms. Perfect will be almost impossible to find.

    I would suggest that you need a list of traits/skills that are ABSOLUTELY mandatory and a second set that are HIGHLY DESIRABLE.

    You need to really think that through and be realistic, or your chances of success will be low. The more pragmatic your approach the better chance of finding someone who can bring value … even if its only at 80% of what you would likke, its 80% further ahead than nobody!

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