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Steve Jobs leading the NeXT team (23 year old video)

by admin on November 22, 2011

I first saw this video in the late 1980’s and was floored then by the way Steve Jobs led this retreat.

He’s a genius in action.  He keeps interrupting to keep the team focused on priorities.  Love the open & respectful debate from the team.

This is vision…  This is leadership…

I was buzzing when I saw it roughly 18 years ago.  Hope you do to.

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5 thoughts on “Steve Jobs leading the NeXT team (23 year old video)”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, great example of a leadership brand. Also interesting to see the communication of that brand through image – the evolution of the black turtleneck.

    See image of Jobs at Apple first time around- suit & tie, Next – suit, tie, then no tie open shirt, then turtleneck underneath. Apple 2nd time around black turtleneck takes over, communicating the cool look of Apple w/Jobs v2.0.

    Just my toonies worth

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