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If You Build It Great, They Will Come

by admin on April 25, 2016

Tweet Any time I do keynote speaking events in a city that isn’t New York or London, a lot of leaders complain to me that their metro area lacks top-tier talent. This always makes me laugh. “There is plenty of talent out there,” I say, “they just don’t want to work for you!” Google is ...

Employees’ Personal Dreams

by admin on July 09, 2010

Tweet A few years ago, I read a book called The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly, and it blew me away. The general premise that I took away from this four hour business-changing read is that if you care more about your employees’ personal goals than the company work they are doing, they’ll go through ...

What Really Motivates Employees…

by admin on June 08, 2010

Tweet This video of Daniel Pink’s is one of the most important ones that business people will watch. 10 minutes. Watch it. Comments ?...

No, YOU Find THEM!

by admin on March 06, 2010

Tweet The best potential employees aren’t looking for a job because they’ve already got one. That’s why you have to poach them. In close to thirty years of my professional life, I’ve only had two job interviews. The rest of the time I was poached by one company while working for another. I always advise ...

Attn: Entrepreneurs – Want a Free Diamond?

by admin on January 29, 2010

Tweet   Every company has them.  Most CEOs don’t know who they are.  In fact most companies miss the diamonds sitting right in front of them. Instead of going outside your company and recruiting people, companies need to really get to know their own people first.  Every company has diamonds in the rough. The other ...

How To Win Friends & Upstage Your Prof

by admin on November 23, 2009

Tweet In my second year of university I took an organizational behavior course. One day my professor was teaching us how to hire people. I remember thinking, “This is stupid. It’s all textbook stuff that he’s just reading to us. I’ll bet he’s never interviewed or hired anyone.” So I threw my hand up and ...

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