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So the chance convene those in this role might be particularly useful, as these groups are finding. One such group was formed by Cameron Herold, a Canadian entrepreneurial coach and speaker and a former COO himself: Herold held the No. 2 position at franchise junk-removal firm 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for seven years, growing it from 14 employees to 3,100 during that time. Along the way, he built up a side business coaching and mentoring high-growth entrepreneurs and their seconds-in-command, and he eventually left to focus on that business full time…



Cameron Herold is the CEO Whisperer. He is the Founder of COO Alliance, where he helps people, who are 2nd in command, deliver value to the organization. He’s the former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and took that company from $2 million to $106 million in just 6 years. Cameron has written books such as Double Double, Vivid Vision, The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs (co-written with Hal Elrod) and Meetings Suck.

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In this episode we welcome Cameron Herold to talk to us about his life in franchising! He has written a number of highly valuable and industry leading books on the subject, is a coach to high level franchisors, and has a huge amount of experience on both sides of the franchise equation.

We chat to Cameron about his history in the field, how he got a taste for the game and the early successes that whetted his appetite.

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Today’s show is a very interesting addition to the Encounter! series, the guest being Cameron Herold. Cameron, who many call “the CEO whisperer”, is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. As the founder of the COO Alliance, and an impressive track record of clients and businesses from a very young age, he earned his reputation as the business growth guru by guiding his clients to…

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