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Top 3 Reasons To Use a Retained Search Firm

by admin on January 30, 2017

Executive RecruiterWith the influx of technology today, finding the right candidates and talents for your company is easier than ever, but despite these advances in technology, many such job postings, whether in print or on the Internet, are barely noticed, and when they do get noticed; you’ll have to spend a lot of time sorting through countless resumes and screening several applicants.

But what is a retained search firm and why should you utilize the service of a search firm when you can do it by yourself or have your HR head do the work for you?

A retained search firm is one of the main categories of an executive search firm, retained search firms are paid for the process which earns them a recruiting fee in three stages based on the anticipated compensation of an executive.

While you (or your HR head) can take care of recruiting and screening potential candidates and or talents, it will take you more time to find the right people for that executive or senior level job (Imagine what you could do with that time instead).

Listed below are the top 3 reasons on why you should use a retained search firm:

Credibility: When using a retained search firm, the recruiting team can establish a higher level of credibility with passive candidates, and because retained searches receive high priority, candidates will take a call more seriously and are willing to hear about an opportunity when they feel that the client has invested in the search. Since retained searches are more appealing to high profile candidates, we can guarantee you a high level of service and great performance. No more of finding that proverbial needle in a haystack!

Commitment: Since most high level executives tend to work with only retained firms, this partnership creates a commitment to both parties and the level of commitment from the hiring team is taken to another level! This shows the level of seriousness and goes well beyond the typical contingency effort and drives amazing results.

Competitive Edge: When you utilize the help of a retained search firm, the hiring team places value on finding the “best of the best” talent for their organization, which will take their businesses to the next level. Highly successful professionals are NOT looking to make a change; change finds them! When an executive recruiter calls these candidates with a “retained” search- they listen! Top performers only want to work for companies that take their hiring process seriously and don’t post their opening on every job board.

So sit back, relax, and let us take care of recruiting the best candidates for your executive jobs. And because we value your privacy, we guarantee you that the information you give us is kept safe from prying hands and eyes; your possible competitors won’t even know we’re doing searches under their noses.

If you would like an intro – email me – and I’ll happily introduce you to the 4 firms I send all my clients.

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons To Use a Retained Search Firm”

  1. Thanks for mentioning credibility as a reason to use a search firm. My boss is considering looking into executive search services for the business I work at. Credibility is an important issue to my boss, so I’m sure that this information will be useful to him.

  2. I love what you said about the importance of credibility when it comes to hiring executives. I think that working with a search firm is a great way to find the best options. If I owned a company, I would work with a search firm in order to find good executives.

  3. Retained executive search consulting firms operate on an exclusive, client-centered basis and work only on a limited number of assignments at one time often with deep expertise in a client’s industry.

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