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10 Easy & Fast Ways to Make or Save Money

by admin on June 30, 2015


A CEO that I’ve coached for two years has just done 100% Revenue growth in that 24 month period.   He just asked “What can I do to quickly engage my team around saving money now to do the same with profit.”

Here was my reply…

  1. Pull all employees into a room – for 60 min max.  Do this…
  2. Give them all 10 Post It Notes
  3. Ask them to write down SPECIFIC ideas on what the company can do to…
    1. Save Money
    2. Increase Sales
    3. Increase Margin
  4. One Idea Per Post It Note – and they get 5 Minutes to come up with the ideas
  5. One at a time, have each person stand up and read out their post it notes, and put them up on the wall
  6. After all post it note are up on the wall – vote on them
    1. (# of Post It Notes / Divided By Number of People = Number of Votes Each Person Gets)
    2. Vote buy putting a tick mark at the bottom of post it notes
  7. Count Up Tick Marks
  8. Eliminate post it notes with the zero or low votes
  9. End up with 10 Post Its with Most Votes

After the voting, and in less than an hour, you’ll have engaged the team and used their combined wisdom to come up with 10 Easy & Fast Ways to Make or Save Money.  DO the Ones that are easy, fast to do & cost nothing or little to do.  And you grow profit fast.

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2 thoughts on “10 Easy & Fast Ways to Make or Save Money”

  1. These suggestions are really good and helpful to me but you forgot to mention the saving power of coupon codes. I always use coupons & offers to shop online and save huge.

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