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Recession Tip: Get Noticed

by admin on July 11, 2016

The brilliant ad in a Jakarta shopping mall makes people look really creepy as fleas on a dog.

While everyone is complaining and worrying about the economy, get out there by marketing and advertising.  Find fun ways to get noticed for free.  It drives me nuts when brands or people think they are ‘too professional’ to do guerrilla marketing, when some of the biggest and fastest-growing brands on the planet are already doing it.

Grasshopper, a company just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, made a huge splash in the spring of 2009 when they sent real chocolate-covered grasshoppers to 5000 tech geeks and entrepreneurs.  Included in the package of grasshoppers was a URL for an inspirational video that eventually went viral from all of the attention it received. They were featured in tons of media outlets, and generated a lot of buzz and sales.

If you’re going to do guerrilla marketing, don’t play it safe!

pic Megawatt PR

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