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Get Your Company Brand & Logo Exposure (3 Spots Left)

by admin on January 05, 2010
Laptop Advertising - 5 Spots Available for 2010
Laptop Advertising – 5 Spots Available for 2010

First 5 (2 Sold – Now 3 left) great brands will get these spots…

Want your company name & logo in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and business people throughout North America and occasionally globally this year?

This year I’ll be speaking at more EO & YPO chapters than ever before.  I’m even speaking at three EO & YPO Global Leadership Conferences this year.

I’ll also be speaking at dozens of conferences again, flying business class on all flights, and spending time in airport business lounges.

My MacBook Air is with me and pretty much always out and being used.  I take it out in all my meetings regardless of who I’m working with.

If you want to sell franchises, or market subtly to entrepreneurial audiences this is a great way to get some exposure.

I’m also planning to post about it on my Blog, Twitter, FaceBook & LinkedIn.

Sponsor my Laptop for all of 2010? This will get your logo seen by tens of thousands of influential business people this year.

I’m also planning to get my laptop some press this year too…

It’s pretty widely known that my nickname is ‘Connector’ so you know I’ll be telling everyone that your company is sponsoring my laptop too.

Ya – and it’s capped at 5 (2 Sold – Now 3 left) placements…

First come first serve (but I have to like the brands)… i.e. the only chair company I could rave about is Herman Miller with their Aeron, and my favorite headsets are from etc.

I’m auctioning off five (2 Sold – Now 3 left) sticker spaces on my MacBook Air cover for $2,500 a piece. That comes out to about $200 a month, or $50 a week.

They will stay on my laptop all year, and you’ll “own” that piece of real estate on my laptop case. If anyone asks about your sticker, I’ll send him or her to whatever website/email address you want.

Want in? Email me – Cameron at BackPocketCOO dot com

And for more information on this topic, check out: Generating Free PR.

8 thoughts on “Get Your Company Brand & Logo Exposure (3 Spots Left)”

  1. $2500 seems way too pricey to me. Sure, $50 a week is well within some companies’ ad budgets. BUT…

    This is why traditional brand advertising is dying. Maybe dead. Can you track your laptop logo? Does it link to anything?

    Even the traditional brand ad folks will ask for a CPM number. IF a logo is viewed 10,000 times over the course of the year, that’s a CPM of $250.

    But good luck to ya…

  2. Hey Tommy – Funny – even I forgot that nickname – well called. Can’t recall if you went back to the Lockerby Reunion this summer – it was an awesome turnout.

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