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Huddle !!!

by admin on August 29, 2010

Read the info on Huddle below – then watch the video 😉

, it was a seven minute, all company, stand-up meeting that started at 10:55 and ended at 11:02.

Implementing this will change your company.  Period.

Everyone I’ve taught this too has benefitted greatly from better internal communication and company morale.  It unites the team like nothing else can.

Here’s the format for a Huddle:

Good news. The first couple of minutes, anyone can share good news or praise other business areas, work with customers, fellow employees and so forth.

Numbers. Review and post the key metrics from your sales funnel so everyone has a window onto the key numbers for the business.  If Rockefeller looked at the numbers daily from his oil fields using the world’s first Telex, why wouldn’t we share the key numbers with our employees?

What Does it All Mean? Do a daily forecast on the monthly (and yearly) revenue versus budget.  It was awesome to show the team how we were doing on a daily basis versus waiting until the end of the month to add it all up.

Department Update. This is a glimpse into each business area.  It’s also a way to systematically ensure that business areas were always focused on their quarterly TOP 3 projects.

Missing Systems/Frustrations.  Anyone should share these and do it in a no-blame environment.  After each frustration, have someone take ownership of the problem to make sure it gets fixed.  No debate or discussion should happen at Huddle—issues are raised and someone offers to resolve them.

Cheer. This will be dorky at first, but everyone will grow to love it.  It works well at sporting events.  Try it and you’ll see your staff leave the Huddle pumped and on a positive note.

Lastly, Huddle is a great daily meeting to keep your team focused on your Quarterly Theme too.

Have you been doing huddle at your company yet ?  Comments ?

I dare you to try it.  Hell, I dare you not to.

For more information on this topic, check out: Leadership at 100MPH.

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