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What Is Your Meeting Closer

by admin on November 07, 2011

Always close your staff meetings with this simple question: “Who’s doing what, and by when?”

Have each person in the meeting acknowledge what they’re committed to doing, and by when. This ensures that people don’t start projects based on items that were merely being discussed in the meeting. You also make it nearly impossible for people to leave the meeting without outlining their next steps.

After you’ve closed the meeting itself, you need to make sure that you know if another meeting is necessary, and when, and if any other participants should’ve been present. The process can always be refined, and it’s important you remain open to that.

NEVER close a meeting without everyone knowing their exact deliverables.

You want people leaving the meeting like this…

William Wallace

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4 thoughts on “What Is Your Meeting Closer”

  1. Use Evernote to take notes in the meeting, use the template headers of attendees, agenda, notes, ideas and actions. When the meeting is done, take a few minutes to go over the notes then send out to all attendees.

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