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Recession Tip: Hire Sales People

by admin on April 18, 2011

While all of your competitors complain about the economy, and spend their time reading every article that confirms their fears, go in the opposite direction.

When companies start laying people off, the great employees fear for their jobs. If you’re hiring salespeople when everyone is laying them off, the positive buzz that you’re still hiring will start to spread – even to customers.

What’s even better? Imagine if you hired one of your competitor’s best salespeoplewhat would happen then? It would impact both of your companies in precisely the way you want to in a competitive world.

I know it seems odd that while in the middle of a recession you’d want to hire more people, but the people you are hiring are the rainmakers.  You’re hiring people to increase sales, add money to your gross margin, and increase buzz about your company and brands.

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5 thoughts on “Recession Tip: Hire Sales People”

  1. Hiring any position – at least here in sunny southern California – seems to have taken on new challenges in the last two years. While there are a LOT of candidates, the ratio that are ready / willing / eager to WORK is lower than I have seen in 20 years.

    Hiring away from a competitor seems like a better idea than ever. It seems that many of us have shed our lower performers and probably some of our mid-level performers; perhaps the top-tier folks are simply still employed – and while they’re starting to look around, they’re cautious not to jump too quickly.

    Any tips for getting them out of their current jobs, Cam?

  2. Hi Cameron.

    Great Article!

    From a recruiter point of view… it seems that with new emerging technology & trans-media sales people becoming are more accountable for results. We are seeing a slight shift in the roles – which has more of a tie to revenue growth. This is what helps companies grow after a recession.

    My 2 cents – Shar

  3. Cam, this was a timely posting. I’ve thought about the need to hire a salesperson off and one for the last year, but was concerned that they couldn’t make a decent living as a result of lower buying of our services and would leave for the first “better” thing to come along. Now that we’re seeing a little light, I think now may be the right time to pull the trigger. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. In a recession when there is fierce competition for limited customer dollar, a company runs the risk of being road kill if it is not constantly hiring best of breed sales people and improving the overall quality of the sales staff.
    Eliot Burdett

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