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Tag Archives: 2010

3 Spots Left (Originally 5 Ad Spots Available on Laptop)

by admin on January 06, 2010

Tweet Yesterday I decided to sell 5 spots on my laptop to 5 great brands to advertise on for 2010 (2 are already taken, only 3 left). And someone offered to pay to advertise on the back of my iPhone – so that’s now sold too. The 1st brand to grab a spot was Outsourcing ...

How I’ll Hit My 2010 Revenue Goal

by admin on January 01, 2010

Tweet I was asked recently how I set such concrete revenue goals with confidence.  A few people asked me to show them how I ‘forecast’ to which I replied I don’t really forecast at all.  What I do is more like ‘reverse engineer’ a target that I feel like I can and want to hit.  ...

How To Be Successful in 2010

by admin on December 11, 2009

Tweet As a business coach, I believe the number one thing that every company can do in 2010 to be successful is focus.  Pure and simple focus. Too many employees and companies are off plan, stuck in email, wasting time in poorly planned meetings, and chasing after big shiny objects instead of getting hyper focused. ...

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