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Tag Archives: Advertising

More (Limit 6) Advertising Spots Available

by admin on December 20, 2010

Tweet OK – You asked for it. The advertising spots on my laptop sold out in less than 12 hours for 2011. A few savvy companies asked if they could advertise on my laptop bag instead, as the laptop was sold out. I said I’d check. I did. And I found a new laptop case ...

Spend More On Advertising

by admin on December 20, 2010

Tweet While everyone else is recession minded and shutting down production, you’re going to be planting the seeds for growth. I was working with a client in Berlin who mentioned that they just landed a TV advertising deal where they don’t pay any fixed advertising fees. Instead, they negotiated a revenue–share deal with the TV ...

Laptop Ad Space for 2011 (SOLD OUT)

by admin on December 09, 2010

Tweet Last year, I sold 5 spots for great B2B companies to advertise on my laptop.  We had a waiting list within days. Now, for 2011, there are three spaces available (2 have already sold for 2011, 1 spot is already taken for 2012).  The 6th space is donated to as I did last ...


by admin on May 20, 2010

Tweet Parketing, which is parking branded vehicles at high traffic locations has been around forever yet many companies still don’t leverage its power. My dad used to have his company logos and lists of the products he sold on our family car! It served as a rolling billboard, and he parked it strategically: no matter ...

Wear Your Company

by admin on April 27, 2010

Tweet People won’t think to use your product or service if they don’t know your brand. Since you have to wear clothes, why not put them to work marketing your product or service? It’s an easy win for your company, and in some instances, such as networking events and conferences corporate clothing will help you ...

Unique Advertising…

by admin on March 16, 2010

Tweet Many have already heard that five awesome companies paid to have advertising on my MacBook Pro for 2010.  They are already getting great exposure too. Upon finding that the 5 ad spots were already taken before he could grab one EO member John Ruhlin offered to advertise on the back of my iPhone.  In ...

Who is Sponsoring You This Year?

by admin on February 11, 2010

Tweet I just realized how lucky I am.  Over the past twenty years that I’ve been a business coach, I’ve worked REALLY hard to build awesome companies, build great teams, and build the trust of entrepreneurs around the world. I was just getting ready to upload this photo and realized that these six companies are ...

Only 1 Spot Left (4 of 5 Laptop Ads Now Taken)

by admin on January 08, 2010

Tweet To days ago I decided to sell 5 spots on my laptop to 5 great brands to advertise on for 2010 (4 are already taken, only 1 left). Another company will be taking the back of my iPhone – so that’s now sold too. The most recent two brands to take spots are: 3rd ...

3 Spots Left (Originally 5 Ad Spots Available on Laptop)

by admin on January 06, 2010

Tweet Yesterday I decided to sell 5 spots on my laptop to 5 great brands to advertise on for 2010 (2 are already taken, only 3 left). And someone offered to pay to advertise on the back of my iPhone – so that’s now sold too. The 1st brand to grab a spot was Outsourcing ...

Get Your Company Brand & Logo Exposure (3 Spots Left)

by admin on January 05, 2010

Tweet First 5 (2 Sold – Now 3 left) great brands will get these spots… Want your company name & logo in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and business people throughout North America and occasionally globally this year? This year I’ll be speaking at more EO & YPO chapters than ever before.  I’m even speaking ...

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