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Tag Archives: Free PR

PR Is Not Part of Your Marketing Department!

by admin on December 15, 2016

Tweet The popular misconception that PR should be considered a part of the marketing department is a big mistake. Public relations, in the way I’ve been doing it for 22 years, is a sales role and it needs to be treated accordingly. It takes the mindset of a salesperson to excel at PR, wherein marketing ...

3 Free PR Hacks

by admin on January 15, 2014

Tweet When Ed Lee first started out in PR, he thought he’d “turn into a Machiavellian manipulator over night, artfully maneuvering the media into submissive yet glowing articles about [his] clients.” Then reality set in. Ed’s typical day now looks like this. “Get in, monitor for one client, monitor for another client, report the results ...

What to Say to Win Media Exposure

by admin on January 13, 2014

Tweet   Which would you prefer, a PR team that proactively prepares and calls potential news sources to pitch stories, or one that hides behind a desk sending passive emails and writing releases for newswires? Obviously, you’d want a proactive team member, but these are few and far between. Why? One word: fear. One of ...

Hiring a PR Person? 10 Must Have Qualities

by admin on September 25, 2013

Tweet What has your PR team done for you lately? At one point, my team generated more than 5,200 media hits for one company over a six-year period. That coverage included mentions on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, CNBC, and in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, New ...

What To Say To The Media To Land Stories

by admin on October 01, 2012

Tweet What to Say to the Media I’ve found that this simple script works best to land Free PR and I’ve used it since 1986: Start with “Hi, my name is [Your Name].  Do you have a couple of minutes, I think I have a great story for you?”   The writer will say one ...

Key Steps For Your PR Sales Funnel

by admin on August 20, 2012

Tweet The Free PR Sales Funnel The number of calls you need to make before you land stories varies based on who you are, what your angle is, what’s happening in the news, and how accurately you’re targeting the writers. For example, your numbers will be horrible if you are calling writers who cover the ...

Lead Generation for Free Press

by admin on May 21, 2012

Tweet Lead Generation to Land Free Publicity When thinking about where to get leads, I like to ask myself four questions related to Steven Covey’s “Begin With The End In Mind.” Where would you like to be covered? What trade journals do your clients read? What media outlets would give maximum exposure to your products, ...

Work with the Press

by admin on March 01, 2012

Tweet Work to secure awards and press coverage about all the great aspects of your company’s culture.  Get the press talking about you and potential employees will flock to your organization.   In the early days of College Pro Painters, I learned to get media coverage to attract customers and employees due to the culture ...

Wear Your Company

by admin on April 27, 2010

Tweet People won’t think to use your product or service if they don’t know your brand. Since you have to wear clothes, why not put them to work marketing your product or service? It’s an easy win for your company, and in some instances, such as networking events and conferences corporate clothing will help you ...

Go Ahead – Promote Your Blog Here…

by admin on March 08, 2010

Tweet I’d love to say that I was chilling out at Whistler and I came up with this brilliant idea to let you promote your blog here, but I cannot take credit. This will get you free PR. I learned about this idea from a great friend Gini Dietrich of The Fight Against Destructive Spin. ...

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