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Tag Archives: Free Press

The Glengarry Glen Ross Guide to PR

by admin on April 18, 2014

Tweet In the now famous scene from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Blake, a high- performing salesman played by actor Alec Baldwin, dresses down a team of under-performing salesmen complaining about their leads.   Towards the end of the profanity-laced lecture, Blake says, “These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to ...

What To Say To The Media To Land Stories

by admin on October 01, 2012

Tweet What to Say to the Media I’ve found that this simple script works best to land Free PR and I’ve used it since 1986: Start with “Hi, my name is [Your Name].  Do you have a couple of minutes, I think I have a great story for you?”   The writer will say one ...

Key Steps For Your PR Sales Funnel

by admin on August 20, 2012

Tweet The Free PR Sales Funnel The number of calls you need to make before you land stories varies based on who you are, what your angle is, what’s happening in the news, and how accurately you’re targeting the writers. For example, your numbers will be horrible if you are calling writers who cover the ...

The Keys to Building an In-House PR Team

by admin on July 25, 2012

Tweet If  you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in performing PR functions yourself, or in hiring team members to do so (or both). It will help you find the right people to execute the PR sales role in your organization, and secure free publicity for your company.Even though this falls under the category of ...

How To Pay In House PR Team

by admin on May 30, 2012

Tweet How To Pay Employees To Land Free PR From my experience, you need to look for junior level sales people just getting going on a career (i.e. their twenties).  This group is looking to gain experience, work for a cool company, have flexible schedules, and so forth.  So that being said – here is ...

Lead Generation for Free Press

by admin on May 21, 2012

Tweet Lead Generation to Land Free Publicity When thinking about where to get leads, I like to ask myself four questions related to Steven Covey’s “Begin With The End In Mind.” Where would you like to be covered? What trade journals do your clients read? What media outlets would give maximum exposure to your products, ...

Step 1 To Landing Free PR

by admin on December 16, 2009

Tweet   How do you get free PR? Here is the first step: Step 1: Know Your Angle There are some important questions to ask yourself in order to determine your angle: What is your story idea, and how will you pitch it to writers? When you started your business and tried to explainit to ...

Zappos Gets Culture

by admin on December 01, 2009

Tweet This post is from a guest blog post I wrote last week for McNeill Nakamoto a great Vancouver recruiting firm.  Jessica Rozitis kindly let me re-run it here. In October, I had the opportunity to visit the current cultural buzz factory ‘Zappos’ the billion dollar online shoe store. I got a unique opportunity to ...

What Department Is PR In?

by admin on November 19, 2009

Tweet There is a popular misconception that PR should be considered a part of the marketing department. Believing that story is a big mistake. Public relations, in the way that I’ve been doing it for 22 years, is a sales role and you need to treat it accordingly.  Typically, marketing & communications people are not ...

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