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Save Money With Webinars

by admin on June 30, 2011

Tweet Most of you know that I do speaking events as a core part of my business.  In fact, I’ve done them in 18 countries over the past year at major conferences, for major companies, and for YPO & EO Forums and Chapters. What you may not know is that many groups also hire me ...

What's Your Personal Brand…

by admin on May 25, 2010

Tweet What’s your personal brand? Three years ago when I wrote my Vivid Vision (formerly Painted Picture) it was a mix of Brooks Brothers confidence & J. Crew casual.  Ummm that’s kind of changing. As a business coach, I make sure that I look presentable whenever I talk to different CEO’s all over the world. ...

Get Your Company Brand & Logo Exposure (3 Spots Left)

by admin on January 05, 2010

Tweet First 5 (2 Sold – Now 3 left) great brands will get these spots… Want your company name & logo in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and business people throughout North America and occasionally globally this year? This year I’ll be speaking at more EO & YPO chapters than ever before.  I’m even speaking ...

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