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Tag Archives: Team Building

3 Things You Can Do To Engage Your Team to Save Money Now

by admin on August 15, 2016

Tweet   A CEO that I’ve had coached for two years has just done 100% revenue growth in a 24 month period, he then asked me: “What can I do to quickly engage my team around saving money now and do the same with profit?” Are you experiencing the same thing? Listed below are things ...

Planning a Corporate Retreat – Part 2

by admin on February 18, 2016

Tweet Corporate retreats are often intended for purposes of general relaxation, team-building and brainstorming of new ideas. Members can relax, share experiences encountered throughout the work period, often a year, in a relaxed and tension-free atmosphere. These are the places where the junior employees can find a chance to interact freely with their superiors. In ...

Planning a Corporate Retreat – Part 1

by admin on February 16, 2016

Tweet The quality of relationships between the employer and employees, and among the employees themselves have a lot of impact on employee morale and how well they deliver. Companies thrive on teamwork and innovativeness. And both are impacted by the value of relationships within the company. Sometimes the organization has to go out of its ...

Stir the Kool-Aid

by admin on September 19, 2010

Tweet Years ago, my friend and brilliant speaker, Jack Daly, pushed me to ask myself, “What one thing did I do today to raise the energy level of my team?” When I think about it, it makes sense.  The speed of the leader is the speed of the group. One of your jobs as a ...

No, YOU Find THEM!

by admin on March 06, 2010

Tweet The best potential employees aren’t looking for a job because they’ve already got one. That’s why you have to poach them. In close to thirty years of my professional life, I’ve only had two job interviews. The rest of the time I was poached by one company while working for another. I always advise ...

Monkeys Looking Sideways

by admin on December 03, 2009

Tweet I threw out the corporate 360 Reviews years ago in favor of something I made up that I call ‘Monkeys Looking Sideways’. Years ago at a seminar I heard a story about monkeys in a tree.  When the monkey at the top looked down all he saw was smiling monkeys looking up.  However, the ...

Who Should Be On Your Bus?

by admin on November 25, 2009

Tweet In Jim Collins book Good to Great, he describes the process of hiring as getting the right people ‘on the bus,’ the wrong people ‘off the bus,’ and ‘everybody in the right seats.’ He just never really explains how to make all of that happen. Collins also talked about the ‘Merry Pranksters’ who drove ...

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