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Tag Archives: Technology

How To Figure Out Technology

by admin on March 28, 2012

Tweet Here’s how you figure out technology: Hire a bunch of 25 year-olds! Seriously. Why are you trying to figure it out?  They already know it! I was in an Apple store in Portland a few years ago to purchase a laptop bag and when I wanted to pay I was looking around saying, “Where’s ...

Do You Need To Change It? Really?

by admin on September 12, 2010

Tweet In my experience, IT is brilliant, yet often disconnected from what customers or employees need. IT often installs the newest technology that no one needs. Operations ends up having to deal with customer & employee problems related to this bleeding edge IT, and overhead increases too. Do you need to change it ? Really ...

Three Monitors on Every Desk for All!

by admin on March 02, 2010

Tweet Bill Gates had a great idea with getting a computer on every desktop, but he fell short with that goal.  Every company should have two to three monitors on every desktop!  Think about how many seconds each hour that you wait for windows or a browser to open and close.  Add all of that ...

Wireless Headsets Rock

by admin on January 12, 2010

Tweet I’ve had a wireless headset for my office phone for about eleven years now. LOVE it.  I’ve updated my model a few times now from a great resource,, and my favorites have all been the Plantronics brand. I think best on my feet, and hate being chained to a desk.  A wireless headset ...

Social Media is Unavoidable

by admin on January 09, 2010

Tweet This can either be a great tool for companies or a complete waste of time and energy.  I’ve been using social media for years and I know what fits for my company and what doesn’t.  I’ve spent time thinking strategically about how I can leverage components of it and what not to use it ...

Only 1 Spot Left (4 of 5 Laptop Ads Now Taken)

by admin on January 08, 2010

Tweet To days ago I decided to sell 5 spots on my laptop to 5 great brands to advertise on for 2010 (4 are already taken, only 1 left). Another company will be taking the back of my iPhone – so that’s now sold too. The most recent two brands to take spots are: 3rd ...

Get Your Company Brand & Logo Exposure (3 Spots Left)

by admin on January 05, 2010

Tweet First 5 (2 Sold – Now 3 left) great brands will get these spots… Want your company name & logo in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and business people throughout North America and occasionally globally this year? This year I’ll be speaking at more EO & YPO chapters than ever before.  I’m even speaking ...

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