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Schedule Family Time

by admin on June 14, 2010

Put family time in your calendar first and schedule everything else around it.

I’ve always wanted to walk my kids to school. So I do. Every day I have a standing appointment from 8:45am – 9:15am when I can walk them to school. I book breakfasts, meetings and calls around that time.

Sometimes I need to use that spot, but I bet I walk my kids to school more often than you do. And I’ll remember that more than the meeting I could have had.

Ask for your kid’s school calendar from September through June like I do.  Book off time on all the dates your kids are available.  Those ‘professional development days’ that teachers get off are so random, but they make great days to play with the kids. This is way better bonding time than some school play we watch them in once and try so hard to attend.

I just got the school calendar today for the 2010/2011 school year.  I’ll be blocking off ALL the dates they are off school in this week so I’m off work on those days to play with them and make more memories.  I’m already looking forward to September.  What do you do to have more balance & time with your kids?

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One thought on “Schedule Family Time”

  1. I do this every year, I take my wall calendar and block off all of the kids days off school. It is very rare that I work on one of those days, today is the last day of summer vacation and I had blocked it off to spend with my daughter but my daughter ended up going for a sleepover at her cousins and will be gone all day so I now have a day free to work ON my business. She is only 7 so it is a good example of how fleeting our time with our kids is.

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