Cameron Herold

So the chance convene those in this role might be particularly useful, as these groups are finding. One such group was formed by Cameron Herold, a Canadian entrepreneurial coach and speaker and a former COO himself: Herold held the No. 2 position at franchise junk-removal firm 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for seven years, growing it from 14 employees to 3,100 during that time. Along the way, he built up a side business coaching and mentoring high-growth entrepreneurs and their seconds-in-command, and he eventually left to focus on that business full time…



Would you like to know how to get more free publicity to grow your company, impact, and reach? That’s what my guest, Cameron Herold, has done, and he’s here to discuss how to do exactly that.

If you don’t know Cameron, he’s the best selling author of multiple books, a regular media contributor, founder of COO Alliance, and he helps lead leaders. He’s built two $100-million businesses, and now travels the world to help other companies simplify their processes so they can scale with less stress.

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