Cameron doesn't simply speak at audiences, he creates conversations by sharing his experience and expertise. He'll teach you actionable, practical, common sense things you can do today to take your business to the next step of explosive growth.


Good speakers make you feel differently, but exceptional speakers make you act differently. Not only has Cameron's work resonated with audiences, but his tips, tools, and tactics are immediately actionable and used worldwide.


To book Cameron: In order to ensure that you receive the top quality presentation you deserve, here are a few items to prepare ahead of time.


Business Coach, Mentor, Public Speaker, Corporate Motivator


“I am the Ed Chair for Florida chapter. I am totally excited to see that Cameron Herold is on this YPO speakers list… I had him for a city based event in Tampa and his ratings were off the chart. Super-easy to work with and huge take home value — Cameron made me look like a hero at that event…”

– Dan Balda, CEO, Medicomp

“Good speakers make you feel differently, great speakers make you think differently, but exceptional speakers make you act differently. Not only has Cameron’s work resonated with our audience at our past events, but his tips, tools, and tactics are actionable. After working with him, it’s not uncommon for us to receive an email from select attendees saying that his one talk saved their business (or life). HIGHLY recommended.”

– Jayson Gaignard, Talent Scout at Mastermind Talks, and Learning Chair for EO Toronto

“Cameron is a visionary business thinker who knows how to communicate real implementable ideas that work.”

– Mike Faith, CEO/President,, Inc | Three-time Inc 500 Company

“Thank you again for making that life-altering presentation to EO Toronto. You have changed my entrepreneurial journey for the better.”

– Razor Suleman, CEO, Achievers | Top 100 Employer in Canada 2006 & 2007

“Cameron has a great story to tell with real take home value. He was spectacular!”

– Mohamed Fathelbab, President, Forum Resources Network

“Cameron is the best speaker I’ve ever heard, particularly for entrepreneurs, and small and medium business sized owners. He hits home-runs and grand slams.”

– Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine

“AWESOME event! Cameron’s workshop on PR was invaluable and I am already employing many of his great suggestions.”

– Stephen J. Beninati, First Vice President, Smith Barney & EO NY Chapter

“The fact that he’s been in our shoes multiple times as an entrepreneur resonated with us all. I’d highly recommend Cameron as a speaker for all YPO chapters to book.”

– Josh McCarter, Day Chair, YPO CA Southwest Chapter